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Feel the adrenaline rush going through your body as you play with friends on an air hockey table that fits perfectly in your home. You can find them in different sizes, the full size you can play in the arcade or the smaller size that can fit in the smallest apartment. There are a bunch of them that come with the electronic scoreboard that will show you the score during the entire match.

TOP CHOICE: My personal best air hockey table is the Atomic Top Shelf 7.5′ Air Hockey Table. Why? Because it has the 120V motor that keeps the puck gliding through the entire match and it has an electronic scoreboard so you don’t have to bother by keeping the track of the score.

How Can You Choose The Perfect Air Hockey Table?

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Before you decide to buy the best air hockey table,  by yourself or by following my recommendations, keep in mind that you have to have the knowledge so you can choose the best one for your family and friends.

Navy Basketball 13 Deandre College Alternate Wildcats Arizona Jersey Scoring Methods

Most of the models made in the last few years come with an electronic scoreboard which keeps the track of the score the moment you start the match. But, there are cheaper models that come with the manual sliding scoring system that looks like a small abacus. They are in front of each player and you need to adjust the beans when you score.

Navy Basketball 13 Deandre College Alternate Wildcats Arizona Jersey 110V Blower

Good quality air hockey tables come with the motor a built-in fan or blower with about 110V. That blower can keep the puck moving through the entire match. Keep in mind that there are models with larger motors and there are models without the blower so you have to use the force to push the puck in the goal. Those are the cheaper versions.

Power Source

Air hockey tables with digital or electronic scoreboard use AC power or batteries to power the scoreboard. If the model has a smaller scoreboard, it uses AA or AAA batteries but they can drain them quickly. Models that come with AC adapter power the scoreboard all the time and you don’t need to buy batteries.

Combo Tables

A multigame table (also known as the combo table) is a great option for a home because it has more games in it. These tables have 3 or more games and you have to tilt the table to change the game. There are models that come with more tables which means you can play ping pong, cards or chess on your air hockey table.

The Size Of The Table

Think about your friends and family, the people who want to play air hockey table so you can take the right table size. The smaller tables (three-foot to four-foot range) are great for kids and teens, while adults will be more comfortable playing on six-foot to seven-foot-long or longer table.

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Leg Levelers

If you can be 100% sure that the floor is absolutely flat, then you won’t need a table with leg levelers. The leg levelers can keep the table straight on tiles, carpet or uneven hardwood which will keep it from wobbling during the match.

Graphic And Design

The design of the table is a pretty important feature if you want a complete experience. Tables with playing surfaces that look like an ice hockey arena will improve your experience because they are more realistic. Also, keep the colors bright and bold because it will keep the excitement high during the match.

Top 15 Best Rated Air Hockey Tables On The Market

1. Atomic Top Shelf 7.5′ Air Hockey Table

There are hundreds of air hockey tables on the market you can choose from but I want to let you know that you can’t go wrong with the Atomic Top Shelf 7.5′ Air Hockey Table. The Top Shelf table has the design that looks like the real arcade air hockey table which means it is a durable and quality model. It also comes with the 120V motor that blows the air on the puck. Other tables on the market will force you to hit the puck to keep it moving, but this motor will do it instead of you so you can play the most intense matches.

The table has the electronic board so you can completely focus on the game because the scoreboard writes scores for both players. You will be amazed by the tapered legs that are designed to provide stability to the table, but they won’t get in the way. Here you can read my detailed Atomic Shelf table review.

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2. Viper Vancouver 7.5-Foot Air Hockey Game Table

The design of the Viper Vancouver 7.5-Foot Air Hockey Game Table calls for a game of air hockey and no one can’t resist it. It resembles the air hockey tables you see in the arcades and it has an electronic scoreboard that faces both ends of the table so you can see your and your rival’s score. You can really enjoy this game because of the electronic scoreboard and the puck retrieval system without disturbing the pace.

The table has a built-in blower that blows 110 cubic feet per minute which is perfect even for fast-paced games. The legs come with levelers so you can’t blame the unleveled table when your rivals scores. It is very easy to assemble and it comes with few pucks so you can set it up quickly and play the game.

3. Triumph 3-in-1 Swivel Multigame Table

If you are looking for the top air hockey combo tables check out this Triumph 3-in-1 Swivel Multigame Table which has a swiveling design so you can quickly and easily set another game. It is primarily made as an air hockey table, but you can switch it and play a billiard match. Choose any of those two games and lock the top so it won’t move during the match. The great thing about this Triumph table is that it comes with a separate surface so you can play ping pong on the table and you will get a net and paddles and balls too.

The central air distribution in the table is designed by Triumph and it gives you an even airflow during the entire match so you don’t have to worry about puck stuck in the corners. Once you score the puck will quickly pop out because it has a retrieval system and it has leg levelers for the straight surface.

4. Fat Cat Pocket 7ft Black 3-in-1 Air Hockey, Billiards and Table Tennis Table

If you want an air hockey combo table that will provide you a storage space then I would recommend you the Fat Cat Pocket 7ft Black 3-in-1 Air Hockey, Billiards and Table Tennis Table. The table has built-in racks, compartments, and pockets so you can store the pucks, paddles, billiards racks, sticks and balls all over the table. You can easily switch between the games by simply swiveling the top of the table.

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The Fat Cat air hockey table comes with another top you can put on the swiveling one so you can play pin pong with an easily attachable net. The fan in the table will move the puck all over the playing field, but it may not be as quickly or smoothly as you would expect it to be.
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5. Atomic Blazer 7′ Hockey Table

The second Atomic model is the Blazer 7′ Hockey Table which is not as long as my top pick, but it does have a great design in black and white combination with a realistic ice hockey playing field. There is a thin rail around the playing surface so you can use it to perform bank shots so you can surprise your rival and score. The rail also prevents the puck from falling off the playing field which is great.

The curved leg design is different than on the other models, but it has leg levelers so you can use the table on uneven floors. A heavy duty blower with 120V keeps the puck in the game and the electronic scoreboard keeps the score and the time going. Another perk of owning a Blazer is that it can hold a ping-pong surface you can buy separately. Read the full Atomic Blaze review in my post.

6. Triumph Lumen-X Lazer 6′ Air Hockey Table

The second Triumph model is the Lumen-X Lazer 6′ Air Hockey Table which has a special, out of space design. It is made in a black, light gray and bright blue combination and it will be the center of your game room. This table has small lights around the rail so you can experience the game in a whole another level. The scoring board in the middle of the lights and it lights up and changes when someone scores.

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There are more lights on the table but those are built-in the strikers and the pucks and they light up when you hit the puck. Lights on the table are powered by the AC adapter you can plug in your home outlet. Although you can’t see them, this Triumph models have built-in leg levelers.

7. Triumph  Fire ‘n Ice LED Light-Up 54” Air Hockey Table

Another Triumph model is the Fire ‘n Ice LED Light-Up 54” Air Hockey Table with the similar light features like the model above. This is really one of the best air hockey tables made for competitive players because you can play with the red and blue pusher. Both of them have a built-in light that lights up when you hit the puck. The puck also has the built-in LED light. The entire table is made in the similar design in the red and blue colors as the pushers.

The legs are connected with cross braces to make sure that they don’t wobble during the match. The leg levelers will make sure that the surface is completely straight during the most intense matches. You can choose to keep the track manually on abacus scorer or you do that to the electronic scoreboard.

8. Hathaway Enforcer Air Hockey Table

If you want a really icy experience then you have to look at this Hathaway Enforcer Air Hockey Table. The entire table is made of shades of blue, black and white and it is made to keep your adrenaline pumping through the entire match. It has a very impressive playing field with great experience. The legs of the table are extra stable due to the curved panels between them which provide you stability and give you the room to move more easily.

It is made from MDF and the graphics are wrapped all around the sides and the edges of the table. The 110V blower keeps the puck moving across the smooth surface which means it won’t stop anywhere, not even in the corners. The easy return system gives you the chance to quickly start playing when someone scores and the digital scorer keeps the track of the score so you don’t have to think about it.

9. Sport Squad HX66 Air Hockey 66 in. with Table Tennis Conversion Top

You can’t compare the quality of the combo table with the standard air hockey table, but this model is pretty close to it. It has a fan that can produce enough air to keep the puck moving fast enough for most types of players. The 85 pounds table is easy to transport to your home and assemble in your game room. The high-output fan in the table uses AC adapter so don’t forget to plug it in before the game.

The table has a simple puck return system so you can grab the puck and start playing in no time. If you lose one puck don’t worry you will get 3 with this air hockey table and you don’t have to worry about keeping score because the digital scorer does the job accurately. The Sport Squad HX66 comes with the ping pong surface, paddle, balls, and net so you can enjoy a ping pong match too.

Navy Basketball 13 Deandre College Alternate Wildcats Arizona Jersey 10. Franklin Sports Quikset Air Hockey Table

This table may not be as impressive as the other ones I have mentioned, but the Franklin Sports Quikset Air Hockey Table is actually a great table for kids who love air hockey. The 54-inches model is big enough even for adults which makes it pretty interesting for buyers. The black and blue combination gives this table a great design that can fit in any game room. Another perk of this table is the fact that it is foldable. You can easily fold the legs beneath the table and store it more easily.

The steel reinforced hinges keep the legs where they have to be once you open the table. A digital scorer keeps the track during the game and its placement gives you the opportunity to see the score without taking your eyes off the field. When someone scores it is a breeze to start the game due to puck retrieval systems on both ends.

11. NHL 48-Inch Adjust & Store Hover Hockey Table

Navy Basketball 13 Deandre College Alternate Wildcats Arizona Jersey This is a great choice for all NHL fans because NHL 48-Inch Adjust & Store Hover Hockey Table is completely decorated with National Hockey League graphics. Besides that, you can find the Eastern and Western conferences graphics and even the Stanley Cup in the center of the table. You can actually choose whether you want to play for the east or the west because the graphics are also on the playing field.

What makes this table so popular is the fact that it has adjustable legs. You can choose one of 3 different heights: 8 inches, 26.5 inches, and 31 inches. That way you can adjust the height to the way you want to play hockey. The adjusting is simple, all you need to do is slide the legs down. Besides that, this table comes with the small fan that moves the puck and with an electronic board that keeps scores and it also produces sound when someone scores.

12. ESPN 60″ Air Powered Hockey Table

The ESPN 60″ Air Powered Hockey Table is designed by the ESPN which makes it a great game to play while you are waiting for the ice hockey match to start. The powerful red and black look is enhanced by the ESPN logo on both sides of the table while the pushers are completely black in color. The overhead piece that is located right above the center of the field is actually an electronic scoreboard, but if you aren’t a fan of electronic scoreboards you can easily use the manual one.

There are leg levelers on the table for a completely straight surface which you can use to adjust the height of the table for an inch or two. The 110V works without AC adapter and it acts like a blower with consistent airflow. The ESPN model includes two black pushers and two red pucks in the pack.

13. Triumph Defense 5′ Air Hockey Table

A Triumph Defense 5′ Air Hockey Table is a great cheap air hockey table which doesn’t require much space. It is five-feet long which makes it smaller than other air hockey tables. It has two types of scoring systems, the digital and the manual ones so you can use them the way you like it. The black, silver and blue combination make the table look great and the puck return system makes sure that the puck is back in the game seconds after scoring.

The Defense model is one of the lowest on my list because it is an air hockey table for kids and teens and it won’t provide a good experience for adults. The fan in the table will move the puck, but it won’t move it as quickly or smoothly as you would want it. The height of the table (only 30 inches) makes it better for kids because it is too low for the adults.

14. Harvil 4 Foot Air Hockey Table With Electronic Scoring

Navy Basketball 13 Deandre College Alternate Wildcats Arizona Jersey The Harvil 4 Foot Air Hockey Table with Electronic Scoring is a great choice for people who are looking for an affordable table. The electronic scoring has two digital screens which are made to show points for you and your opponent, but it doesn’t have a countdown feature like other scoring models. The table is four-foot long and it has curved panels between the legs so it doesn’t require that much space which makes is the perfect choice for your kid’s room.

Besides being small, the table is light too. It only has 30 pounds so you will easily move it around. The 110V motor produces air that moves the puck all over the playing surface and the electronic scorer is powered by 2 AAA batteries. If you don’t have them you can use the manual scorer which is very convenient. There are leg levelers on this Harvil model that prevent the table from moving.

15. Westminster Air Hockey Full-Size Table

The last model I want to share with you is the Westminster Air Hockey Full-Size Table because of its flimsy and not so durable design. It is not a full-size table as they named it and I would recommend it for people who have kids and don’t want to spend a lot on an air hockey table for their kids. This is one of the cheapest air hockey tables outside of the tabletop games. The table comes with the abacus scorer for you and your opponent, not an electric one.

The legs on the table come with the curved panel that improves stability, but they can’t do much with the overall quality of the table. It has pucks and pushers, but the motor is not so strong which means you will have to apply brute force to keep the puck moving.

 TOP CHOICE: Atomic Top Shelf 7.5′ Air Hockey Table

When you are looking at all those air hockey tables you will notice that I stuck to the scoring systems, the strength of the motors that produce air and the overall design of the table. My top choice is the Atomic Top Shelf 7.5′ Air Hockey Table that has 120V motor that doesn’t have any problem with producing consistent air flow that keeps the puck moving during the entire game.

The overall design of this table is great because it looks like a professional table that you can see in the arcades. The electronic lights on the table will keep the adrenaline high and they won’t mind you during the game. The smooth surface looks like an actual ice hockey arena which improves the experience and the electronic scoreboard gives you the chance to completely focus on the match.