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History of the U.S. Climate Divisional Dataset

For many years the Climate Divisional Dataset was the only long-term temporally and spatially complete dataset from which to generate historical climate analyses (1895-2013) for the contiguous United States (CONUS). It was originally developed for climate division, statewide, regional, national, and population-weighted monitoring of drought, temperature, precipitation, and heating/cooling degree day values. Since the dataset was at the divisional spatial scale, it naturally lent itself to agricultural and hydrological applications.

There are 344 climate divisions in the CONUS. For each climate division, monthly station temperature and precipitation values are computed from the daily observations. The divisional values are weighted by area to compute statewide values and the Jimmy Graham Jersey Elite Jersey Graham Jimmy Elite Graham Jimmy Elite Jersey are weighted by area to compute regional values. (Karl and Koss, 1984).

In March 2015, historical data for thirteen Alaskan climate divisions were added to the nClimDiv database and will be updated each month with the CONUS nClimDiv data. The Alaska nClimDiv data were created and updated using similar methodology as that for the CONUS, but with a different approach to establishing the underlying climatology. The Alaska data are built upon the 1971-2000 PRISM averages whereas the CONUS values utilize a base climatology derived from the nClimDiv dataset. More information on this new dataset can be accessed in Alaska FAQs.

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